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it began with a ktvu investigation into the port of oakland. the major new development in a scandal tied to a strip club.
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>> reporter: and cal state students could soon be facing a new round of feats. it all hingessen a critical board of meeting by the board of trustees. and the petraeus sex scandal exploded overnight. another high-ranking military leader is now involved. "mornings on 2" begins right now. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori dam -- i'm tori campbell. we're tracking daly city flooding. tara moriarty is live on the scene. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. you know, the damage here is pretty incredible. if you take a look behind me here, you can see where the mud
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and the water ended but it began all the way up the hill where those trees are and this entire neighborhood is just basically -- has mud all over the streets. about two dozen people had to be evacuated off bonnie street. the mud swept down the street. deputy was the first news -- ktvu was the first news crew to arrive on the scene. we saw the water mixed with the mud gushing down the hillside. the brake happening off luzane avenue and bonnie street. crews have it under control. the water has stopped racing down the hill. we spoke to the neighbor who called 911 initial. he said it was scary -- initially. he stayed was scary initially. >> the entire lawn was covered. there was a stream going down the street. i went downstairs and i got on
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my cell phone and called 911. >> reporter: the mud is up past the car tires at some -- some of the vehicles. several streets are blocked off in this neighborhood. again it's just past daly city. we're east of hillside boulevard and mission boulevard. the folks are having to stop. people who live in this neighborhood and sort of work their way around the cones and the debris and the mud. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. well, today the csu, board of trustees they will debate raising student fees again. this meeting comes a week after california voters approve proposition 30. alex sav edge joining us live -- alex savidge joining us live from hayward to tell us which
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students are being targeted. >> reporter: good morning. many cal state students i talked with are frustrated by a fee proposal, especially a week after prop 30 passed. governor jerry brown scheduled to attend the csu board of trustees meeting that will happen later on today. they will likely be protests -- there are likely be protests. the frustration, fees. if student have more than certain number of students, they could face fees for repeating courses. the plan is to free up space to admit more than 16,000 knew students. one student i talked to said these fees could hurt. >> i could say the fees are definitely unfair. it's hard to sometimes be able
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to pay these fees and it gives us choices like what are we gonna do if we don't have the money? well, , if have the money, then we just -- if we don't have the money, then we just quit. it puts us in a position and it's not fair to us. >> reporter: csu says they view this more as a dearant and hope few -- deterrent and hope the students can do that. the board of trustees happening later this afternoon down in long beach. live in hayward, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. a man is recovering after being shot in oakland the shooting happened before 12:30 on hillside street. police say the man was shot in
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the arm but is expected to survive. witnesses told investigators the shooter walked up to the victim and opened fire. the motive is unclear. no arrests have been made and police have not released a description yet of the suspect. in just about two and a half hours, a san francisco jury will hand down their verdict in the frederick dozier case. he's accused of attacking three women along the corridor late last year and earlier this year. he could get life if convicted if convict on all of the trials. a pet mew ma mother --
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petaluma mother has been arrested for a.t.m. theft. one teacher says a wallet was stolen. the other was missing $60 in crash cash. we have new details this morning. the scandal involving david petraeus now involves another high-ranking official. john allen is now being investigated for reportedly exchanging inappropriate e- mails reportedly tied to the scandal, jill kelley. there are 25,000 to 30,000 e- mails between the general and woman. overnight a spokesperson for leon panetta said general allen told pentagon officials he had done nothing wrong. >> the secretary directed that
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the matter be referred to the inspector general of the department of defense for investigation. it's now in the hands of the department of the investigate general. >> general allen is in washington right now. he was supposed to hear at a confirmation hearing to be the commander of american forces in europe. but that meeting is now on hold. 7:07. today at the white house, president obama meets with labor leaders to discuss ways to avoid the fiscal cliff. coming up at 7:5, the president's vatgy on getting -- the president's strategy on getting this fixed. sal, you've had your hands full this morning.
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>> yeah, things are finally beginning to settle a lot bit, dave and tori. yeah, we had a couple of early problems that made the commute rough. it has not been all that bad when it comes crashes. we've had a few -- comes to crashes. we've had a few. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up for about a 10 to 15-minute wait. it's not quite as crowded as i thought it would be. and contra costa county, we had some problems on antioch 4. getting out to concord. 7:09, let's go to steve. sunrise over the big, big city. we have a few clouds overall. on the coast, it's on the mild side. a lot of 50s in san francisco. mostly sunny, warmer today. it will be warmer tomorrow. i know the days are very short.
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by the weekend, clouds start to roll in. timing a little difficult. more likely sunday into monday. the 15-day outlook looks wet. except for a few high clouds, we're good to go. 60s or 70s for gilroy. santa cruz for 74. and then napa from 6 to 67. it's tough to -- 63 to 67. it's tough to recover unless you get a breeze. that's what's happening. it's cold this porning. a little northerly breeze and easterly breeze. that all -- morning. a little northerly breeze and early breeze. that's all happening this -- easterly breeze. that's all happening this morning. a lot of sun said -- a lot warmer.
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warmer said, into wednesday and then we'll -- warmer today into wednesday and then temperature also drop off. upper 60s for many to near 70 degrees. that would be towards santa cruz. gilroy, san jose. looks better for wednesday and then we start to bring clouds in thursday, friday. cloud it up. could be right lane. sunday/monday look rainy. 7:10, a public meeting today for san francisco communeny organizers. it's about proposed limitation to limit alcohol permits on post -- proposed legislation to limit alcohol permits on polk street. 60 businesses already have permits on polk. neighbors have been complaining for a long time about problems they blame on the -- they blame
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on the area's nightlife. it is 7:11. many people love to eat crab here in the bay area but this year, the del cassie could come at a higher cost. right now this year's crab prices are still up in the air since experts say there could be fewer crabs in the bay. we go from crab to talking about italy under water? how that european country is hoping -- coping with massived intoing including the city known for being surrounded by water. political cliff-hanger. the election races that are still too close to call one
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60s and 70s by the coast. looks good it today and tomorrow. recovery efforts are underway in italy after heavy rains and strong winds left many areas under water. at least four people have died because of the storm. one person was also brought to safety by a helicopter after getting stuck in rising waters. both caught on tape being swept away by strong currents. officials say venice, the lagoon city, is 70% under water and floodwaters have reached their highest levels since 1872. new from syria this morning, chaos and panic in the streets after a second day of air strikes with the border
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with turkey. yesterday 20 people were reportedly killed -- were reported killed av air attacks in the same area. the violence there has left more than 3600 dead since the violence started last year. next week, the obama administration is expected to decide how many american troops will stay in afghanistan. leon panetta says the -- the top u.s. commanders there have had several options on what will happen after 2013. the u.s. has 16 -- has about 68,000 troops. president obama has pledged most of them will be withdrawn by 2014. 7:16. today, president obama meets with officials about the fiscal
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cliff. jamie dupree has more via skype. what's the president's plan now to avoid the situation? >> reporter: we don't have a detailed plan yet out of the white house and what he wants to do. he's meeting today with labor and business leaders in separate meetings trying to engage what might be acceptable to both sides. we saw some of the markers laid out by some democrats and republicans and we hear a lot more about that especially with lawmakers and congress returning to work later in both the house and senate. i wouldn't look more than some basic talks. you have a trip to asia that starts at the end of the week with the president. lawmakers will only be a few days this week and then this will be after thanksgiving. they are like the rest of us, why do now until you can --
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until waiting? >> what about congress members who signed the pledge pledge not to raise taxes? any chance they will bend on that and just let the taxes go up? >> reporter: no, listen -- i would say there's a lot of democrats who think it would be easier for the tax increases, the bush tax cuts, the bush tax rates to expire, a then the new congress can sweep in and bring some -- [no audio [ >> this it looks week may have lost our signal with jamie dupree. he was saying at this point, there's just gonna be some talks going on and that hopefully congress will get
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back to business. time now, 7:18. in alameda county, the fates of three ballot measures still too close to call this morning. election officials say the ballot counting may be counted today. they are, sitting and standing on sidewalks during the day. another one deals with development in west berkeley and the third, the alameda county measure to raise transportation sales tax. in san francisco, only 33 votes now separate the two ditts for supervisors in district 7. norman yee is leading fx crowley. so far, election workers have gone through six rounds of rank- choice voting. it could be weeks before the winner is declared. and ignacio de la fuente
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has mad mitted his lun will come to an end -- has admitted his run will come to an end. kaplan received 61% of the votes. well, it's a little chilly this morning. but we have a beautiful day on top. change is coming. up next, steve paulson will tell us where and when we can expect rain in the forecast. fed with a gooey center
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totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] a man is dead after his pickup plunged into the nekazio. witnesses tell the chp the driver was weaving between
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lanes shortly before his truck hit a guarail and went into the guardrail. rescuers from the sheriff's dive team pulled the man from the water but any were not able to resuscitate him. all right. 7:2. let's bring sal back. it wasn't looking pretty at the
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toll plaza we had an accident but traffic is gonna be set back. once you get here. it's about a 25-minute wait. looking at san francisco, we've noticed a backup here all of a sudden on northbound 101, coming up to the 80 split and getting out onto the fell street offramp. hayward to fremont, southboundle 8 -- southbound 880 is still a little bit slow. thank you, a very good morning. it's sunny, mostly sunny. there is a little early breeze. the coast is in the city, really going to be nice today. it's a dry forecast, i think until the weekend. there is a lot out there. but it's going to take its time
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getting there. >> i think we have to wait -- that won't show up in the weekend. while get clouds in here on saturday. it looks much more promising for rain on sunday/monday. we continue to follow developing news of major flooding in daly city. the new names being floated now for position on cabinet [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] we're tracking developing news in daly city where people are waking up to flooded
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streets and cars stuck in mud. this is happening in the 200 block of luzane avenue. these are live pictures of the scene. authorities have not confirmed the cause of the flooding. ktvu news was the first on the scene. >> reporter: good morning. omar benjamin announced his retirement. >> in that letter, ben ja mun explained he's stepping down
7:30 am
because of the obstacles too great to overcome. this all stems about questionable spending starting from a $4500 tab at a houston strip club paid for by public port money from james kwan. kwan is on pending leave regarding that bill and other expenses that are questionable. the port of oakland hired an outside law firm to investigate the incident. now that benjamin stepped down, debra flint will oversee operations. the port has a meeting set for
7:31 am
this thursday. they said that on thursday, they are supposed to be discussing overnight and policies regarding expense reimbursement. a marine lost his life in palm springs after being shot by police. janine de la vega is live right now it -- right now to tell us where the -- what happened. this is a picture of the marine comfortable political. his father told our cnn affiliate that his son was celebrating the marine corps with a friend in palm springs.
7:32 am
police say the marine was making derogatory comments to police and ignored their orders to. they shot marine -- the marine and he died. >> the only thing we can do is to be there to support him, thank them for the service. the thing with the ptet, it's atrocious. i don't think there's enough being done for that, and a lot of vets turn to drinking and drugs to deal with that. >> reporter: people are leaving their condolences and the marine's father told our cnn affiliate that he does not
7:33 am
believe his son would start an argument with officers and he also told them that he believes it is completely outof -- out of character for his son and he's looking for answers. in talking to neighbors they told us that the family here, the father and -- the father and grandmother were -- grandfather were very proud. they had a lot of stickers on the cars surrounding the home and we're hoping to speak to them and learn more about his life here in san jose. tonight, the morago school board is expected to discuss the child abuse policy and will also discuss a lawsuit filed by this it student. she's suing the district and former administrators alleging
7:34 am
they ignored her abuse claims. two other former students who say they were also sixually abused by a former teach -- teachers have filed lawsuits against the district. a morgan hill woman accused of abandoning her daughter during a shoplifting sleet at a safeway is schedule -- spree at a safeway is scheduled to appear in court. police say she asked her daughter to shoplift groceries and then abandoned her when authorities intervened -- interfeen -- intervened. paul ryan says he's proud of the republican campaign that he and mitt romney ran despite their election loss. >> i think we lost because the president did a better job of getting his voters to the polls. he did a better job of turnout, which is important if you want
7:35 am
to win the election. >> paul ryan says he and mitt romney were stunned by the election results and says losing never feels good. president obama may be asking senator john kerry to be his next secretary of defense. now, there are reports that john considerry would prefer to be secretary of state butfullies say that job will almost certainly be offered to susan rice, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. and now there are some voters in about two dozen states who say they want to su seed from the united states -- secede from the united states. weigh want to check in with sal. how -- we want to check in with
7:36 am
sal. how are things looking there? >> we're seeing building traffic on 101. it's not really as bad as it has been. i've been checking off the list that the chp give us. stalled vehicles. but not a lot going on in the san jose area. there's still traffic to be there. not only there but 101 northbound as you come across the capital expressway. the morning commute will be more crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for 20, 25 minutes. if you are driving in hayward, southbound is crowded down to the stevenson road exit. traffic is gonna be a little slow on the road getting down san jose on 8 0. let's go to steve -- 880. let's go to steve. a little easterly breeze. it will be warmer today, today and tomorrow look pretty good. we had 50s on sunday and now
7:37 am
we're seeing 60s and 70s. we'll seen send santa cruz to 74 degrees. 68 in oakland and 67 for napa. one of those rare days where you can go -- where you can get sunshine. 34 fairfield. in san francisco. easterly breeze. other locations, it's a cold morning but you get a component of the easterly breeze. some of the higher elevations about 15, 20 miles an hour. there is a lot out of here. it has two speeds, slow and stop. right now it's heading up to the north. rain up to humboldt county. other than that, it's very, very light. except for a few light clouds. eventually it will get here. and that won't be until a cold system drops out of the north. so until then, it's sunny, good to go for sunshine and warmer weather. all know i -- although i know
7:38 am
the days are dark. we'll top out on wednesday. we'll start a little bit of a cooling trend. we don't really get the cold air until next week. by the way, i mean next week looks good but the end of the month is looking very wet. we'll see if that comes in as advertised. cold morning inland. easterly breeze. really nice conditions for some today. anyone, we -- we only get a couple of hours of these temperatures because they drop pretty fast. 70s for a few. warmer weather takes us into midweek. we'll cloud it up on friday. i really think the rain holds on. some light rain will make it on saturday. it looks like a cold and wet system on sunday night/monday. the sex scandal that led to the resignation. now involves another high- ranking military official. doug luzader reports general john allen, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, is
7:39 am
now under investigation for propose thely sending e-mails -- reportedly sending e-mails to the woman directly linked to the petraeus scandal. >> this is jen john allen, who is in charge of u.s. forces in afghanistan. he's now accused of sending inappropriate e-mails to this woman. this is jill kelley. she's been described as an unpaid social liaison at mcdill air force down in florida. she's kinds of a pivotal person. she's the one who went to the fbi saying she was receiving harassing e-mails from this woman, paul broadwell, who allegedly had an affair with now former cia director david petraeus. general john allen, not only headed u.s. forces in afghanistan, he was slated to take over as head of the u.s.
7:40 am
european command and nato forces in europe. the secretary of defense, leon panetta, was traveling overnight to australia. his spokesman confirmed this. >> today, this matter is being referred to -- referred for investigation to the inspector general and is now in the hands of the inspector general. >> reporter: overnight, fbi agents searched the home of petraeus' alleged mistress, his biographer, paula broadwell, with lingering questions about whether she had access to sensitive information. defense secretary panetta who is also a former director of the cia said petraeus needed to step down.
7:41 am
>> i think he took the right step. i think it's important when you are director of the cia with all of the challenges, that -- >> as far as general allen is concerned. it's important to know that -- to note that the defense department says he's denied any wrongdoing here. but the investigation continues and it will be extensive involving 20,000 to 30,000 documents. 7:41. a big shakeup at microsoft. the person who was once scene as the next ceo is now out the door. an outlet overflow. how the mall dealt with record crowds over the weekend and how it plans to cope in the future.
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pictures of this mud in a neighborhood on hillside park. several homeowners had to be evacuated. you can see the damage that the water did. it basically melted a hillside and brought a bunch of treesides down. we also saw some earlier dramatic pictures of cars on the street that were up to their tires in thick mud. again, this is a sweeping situation. it looks like this is gonna be an extensive cleanup. tara moriarty is there. we'll have another live report from the scene coming up. thank you, sal. stocks are mixed in early trading on wall street.
7:45 am
one issue weighing on the markets. a deal to rescue the greek economy looks less certain than it did one day okay. the dow is currently up 18, 12,83. the nasdaq is down 11. s&p is up 1. microsoft, it's down over 3%. the reason, the executive who had been expected to be the next ceo is now leaving the world's largest softwaremaker. he had been the head of the windows unit and is leaving two weeks after the launch of windows 8 which is seen as critical to the tech giant's future. the ceo had been with microsoft for 23 years and his departure was unexpected. neither he nor microsoft gave an explanation. from a pioneer to a murder. pam cook is in the -- is in the
7:46 am
newsroom with more. >> mcafee is being called -- leader is being called a person of interest in a murder. last week, a man filed a complaint claiming that mcafee fired off guns displaying roguish behavior. the mercury news reports the home in belize was raided earlier this year. they reportedly found the 67- year-old with the 17-year-old girlfriend and confiscated ten firearms. now, coming up next in our next hour of "mornings on 2," we're gonna tell you about the
7:47 am
interesting other interactions mcafee has had with police. i'm pam cook. let's go back to tori and dave. thank you. superstorm sandy may be blamed for aosmic of crime in new york city -- for a spree of crime in new york city. crime's been up. the 101st precinct in far rockaway, that was the hardest hit area for burglaries. they had 33 of them. no burglaries were reported in that same time period, just a year ago. sports fans in pleasant hill are doing their part to help with relief. every day we are so lucky to have a home and electricity and plumbing and, you know, i just hope that they can rebuild quickly. >> the head commissioner of the
7:48 am
pleasant hill baseball association after watching the storm damage in the brooklyn neighborhood that he's from. a church back east will distribute the donations. nearly two dozen states are asking to leave the united states following last week's election. 20 states have filed a petition with the white house asking to be removed so they can create a new government. now, california is not one of those states. 17 of the states that filed the petition voted for mitt romney in the presidential election. richmond police will announce the installation of new surveillance cameras today in an effort to curb crime in the city. police say the cameras will go up along 23rd street. here you see 30 cameras being installed along the mcdonald's avenue door -- mcdonald avenue
7:49 am
corridor. the aclu opposes cameras saying they are an invasion of privacy and rarely reduce crime. 7:4. well, someone is playing a prank on drivers near san francisco. a sign that's supposed to alert drivers of a construction sign in lieu mass is being changed. the -- l up mas is being charged -- lumas is being charged. the first time is made reference to drugs. >> i think that's terrible. >> someone is breaking in and even bringing in their own keyboards. the new ferry service between south san francisco and the east bay needs to boost ridership if it will continue to get low transit subsidies. the service receives about $2 million a year from the
7:50 am
metropolitan transportation commission. the mtc is giving theory three years -- the ferry three years to meet standards to receive the money. hundreds of thousands of shoppers visited the bay area's new, big outlet mall, officials at paragon say based on car counts had 300,000 visitors between saturday and sunday. the auxiliary will thes -- lots were open and they were still full yesterday as well. >> starting to go out there. shoppers, you may have to choose between a hot deal and hot apple pie after thanksgiving dinner. more stores plan to be open on toys 'r' us.
7:51 am
toys 'r' us said they will open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. series and walnut made similar announcements earlier. now, target -- sears and -- sears in walnut made asimilar announcements earlier. groupon is also getting into the holiday shopping spirit. they are offering free shipping for toys anjewelry purchased through the groupon section. there are limitations. products have to weigh more than 150 pounds. the pain business is focused on selling things for manicures and restaurant meals. a face-lift for coit tower. we've got an update on the
7:52 am
condition of 49ers' quarterback alex smith and his status for monday night football.
7:53 am
at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
7:54 am
the families of the artist who painted the murals, they are also the descendants of the coit family and took a tour of this restoration project. the great-great niece of lilly hitchcock-coit said it is an honor to be related to the landmark. >> it's very overwhelming. i also want to make sure that i'm respectful and cognizant of what it means to everyone here. >> the murals, some of them showed images that are very controversial for their time. they were painted back in 1933. it's part of the wpa project. the words progress
7:55 am
administration. that was a federal employment program for artists during the depression. 7:54. 49ers coach jim harbaugh says alex smith is doing better after the concussion. he was hurt in the rams' game. he came out of the game after complaining of -- complaining of a blurred eye. he's scheduled to see a neurologist. but there's several other steps for him to be cleared to play monday night against the chicago
7:56 am
bears. 7:55. sal, you've got the chopper working, right? >> we do. we've been looking at these pictures from daly city that are really incredible when you look at what happened here. these live pictures really do say it all. this mud that came rushing down the hill after some sort of a water problem, either a water main or tank or broke. you can see the department of public works there. some of the homes had to be evacuated. ktvu tara moriarty is on the scene. she will tell us more about what happened and she also talked to folks on the ground there. let's take look at the commute at the bay bridge. westbound that's baked up to the maze. today has been a 15, 20-minute delay. it has not been all that bad.
7:57 am
if you're green oling on the -- if you're driving on the nimitz freeway, it keeps getting slow and 80 is slow all the way down to berkeley. let's go to steve. except for a few high clouds, cold for some. it will be -- except for the clouds for some, it will be few clouds, light rain near cape mendocino. 40s, 30s to 51. i think they are about 54. that's an our old, that temperature. you can see the breeze in place, higher gusts in some of the higher elevations. rain to the north. a few clouds in the north bay. overall, a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures. cold morning inland. that easterly breeze translates
7:58 am
into warmer temperatures. we'll get a few upper 60s to near 70 degrees. take that into wednesday. a few clouds thursday. cloud it up friday. it will take a while. cloudy skies to mostly cloudy on saturday. some light rain but then a colder system arrives on sunday/monday. 7:57. ktvu news was first on the scene a few hours ago. the sun is now up, we're getting a clear view of the massive flooding in one callly city -- daly city neighborhood. we'll tell you an update we just received and exactly the source of the water main break. cal state students frustrated as they face a new round of fees. a critical vote will take place. ♪
7:59 am
♪ we were skipping stones
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♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, november 13th. we're tracking developing news out of a daly city neighborhood where lozan avenue is waking up to flooded streets and cars stuck in mud.
8:01 am
tara moriarty was the first reporter on the scene and she's live with what we're learning about the flooding that's forced evacuations. tara? >> reporter: yeah, it's really loud out here, tori, and that's because the public works have arrived. the bulldozers and water tank trucks are just swarming this area. if you look at the hillside a huge chunk of it is missing and basically all of that mud is spread out all over the neighborhood. ktvu was the first news crew to arrive on scene. a dozen people had to be evacuated. fire crews say that a water main sprung a leak near the water tank. we saw the water mixed with mud just gushing down the hillside off luzane and bonnie at 4:30 this morning. crews have it under control. the water has stopped but the cleanup will be intense. >> it was a native cast iron pipe that failed.
8:02 am
there was a valve above the nail chur between the -- fail chur between the -- fail chur between the -- failure where the main was. >> reporter: officials say the trees fell on the basketball courts. folks from eight home forced out and now several streets are blocked off. this is east of hillside boulevard and mission street. the water has been shut off. we're not exactly sure when the water will go on. we're told the cleanup will last most of the day. live in daly city. the board of trustees will consider new student fees. this comes a week after voters approve after voters approve prop pigs 30.
8:03 am
alex savidge is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. the plan is to set more fees for superseniors, the goal being to bring in more. voters approved tax 30 the tax that will stop budget cuts to the system. the board is meeting on this plan. now, governor jerry brown. proponent of this, expected to attend the meeting in -- in long beach. he could get an earful. the csu says the point of the
8:04 am
free plan is to -- of the plan to free up students, but one person i stalked to said the proposed fees are hard to understand after prop 30 passed. >> i remember the night of elections i was checking those polls constantly like, what is it gonna be? now that there is a situation that we have to be onhand for, it's a little business don't -- disappointing. i did leave a message this morning with the cal state east bay smokesman trying to get a comment on this fee plan. i still haven't heard back. but csu view these fees as more of a deterrent. they hope students end up paying hip at csu campuses across the street. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you.
8:05 am
8:0 4. and 11-year-old daly city boy reported missing by his family is back home save this morning. he and his father were reunited last night. the father called police on sunday after learning that his son never hope -- never showed up at the home of a friend. it turns out that the boy went to a different friends home. he did not want to call his father because he was afray he would not be allowed to stay. he had no idea police were searching for him. >> what did you think when up saw the police? >> i was like surprised. >> what did you say to your father? >> sorry. >> police were able to track him down after the boy's school provided the contact information. the 6th grade boy promised to never do this again. an autopsy could be performed on the man's body
8:06 am
found at the trash can of a woman's home. police say there was no obvious sign of trauma. but alcohol may have been a factor in his death. right now, the police are investigating the death as suspicious. police say the victims were inside a car and drove away from the shooting scene. the car was later found in the parking lot of a wall green's at 81st and international. one of the victims is said to be in critical condition. :06. hundreds of video game fans braved the cold weather overnight to get their hands on one of the hottest video games. >> 3, 2, 1! >> that's what it was like at the game stop store in san
8:07 am
francisco on market street. they were waiting for the release of "call of duty" game. the game is set in the year 2025. it features a lot of weapons and zombies. >> i've seen some -- some of the game play for zombies and i really liked it so i came to buy it. >> some of the people in line showed up as early as 5:30 to get their hands on that game. >> this is what it looked like this anfy -- like in antioch. this game stop store even brought in a band to play music for the gamers. according to the survey, one in four are expected to call off sick today in order to be home playing the game, tori. but you didn't hear that from me. >> i can't imagine people would do that. i'm shocked! :07. let's -- 8:07. let's check in with sal. traffic is getting a little bit better? >> a little bit better.
8:08 am
this is the toll plaza. that's one of the places that seems to have improved a little bit coming into san francisco. you can see the lanes on the left improveve proking. once you get on -- imleft improving. once you get on the bridge -- things begin improving. once you get on the bridge, it gets better. 80 backed up right after the carquinez bridge. that's right, backed up right of a after the carquinez bridge all the way down to berkeley. traffic is not recovered yet. it's backed up to concord. let's go to steve. mostly sunny out there. a few high clouds toward the north bay. but there is a distinct dividing line. it's mostly sunny. a couple of high clouds. a little haze in the air. the system out there, it's painting some rain up on the
8:09 am
north coast. mendocino north. until then, everything says sunshine and warmer weather. high pressure is built in. i know the days are very, very short. it will be warmer today. cold lows inland but not mere the coast. it will be warmer today and tomorrow. sunny for most. had a lot of 30s. i think fairfield is warmer than that h but 55 in san francisco. just unbelievable. easterly breeze right there. the rain mean you are getting an offshore breeze. it's going from land to sea. this system will continue to rotate out here. as it does, it will take a lot of the cloud cover up to the north before it tries to swing it back in. so a lot of sun today, warmer, cold morning lows. we have a lot of 30s. not now 679 starting to see more 40s. not now. starting to see more 40s.
8:10 am
not today. the easterly brian means colder temperatures on the coast. now, mostly sunny/partly cloudy on thursday. we'll cloud it up on friday. i really think rain holds off until saturday. sunday/monday do look wet. this afternoon baseball's managers of the year will be announced and bruce bochy is one of three finalists for the award. he's up against dusty baker. bob melvin is a finalist in. american league along with buck showalter and robin ventura of the chicago white sox. in a couple of hours from now, the first total i clips of the year will be visible in australia. if you want to see it, you will have to watch it online. more than 50,000 spectators are expected to gather in
8:11 am
queensland, australia to watch this extremely rare event. if the skies are clear enough. right now, the weather forecast calls for cloudy skies. so probably the best thing for them would be to go on the computer as well. the next won't happen until 2015. >> all right -- all right. it's 8:10. how starbucks is at the center of a tax controversy and what the company is saying in response to major allegations. and what san francisco supervisors are doing to try to stomp out a persistent bug problem.
8:12 am
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óz just $16.99.
8:14 am
cold for some. it will be sun nippier today. looks good today and tomorrow, tori. time to grab those snow boards. heavenly resort in tahoe has announced they will open tomorrow. the resort says there are more than 30 acres of skiable terrain with more chairlifts and runs to be added this weekend. many resorts say it's because of an early storm that dropped several feet of snow. north star and squaw valley are also opening on friday. the christmas tree at the santana row in san jose will be lit tonight. this is video from a few years ago. it all kicks off at 3:00 this afternoon when you can get your picture taken with santa.
8:15 am
the tree liting is at -- the tree lighting is at 7:00. president obama will be pushing congress to pay down the federal debt in the way he sees fit today. our reporter has more to tell us who the president is meeting with today and why. jacqueline? >> reporter: well, in about 15 minutes at the white house, the president will sit down labor union leaders and try to figure out how to avoid this so-called fiscal cliff. now, top officials, national education association, the afl, cio and others will sit down and talk about raising taxes on the wealthy, a mandate that the president has long supported. but these groups are also expected to push the president to avoid deep cuts to programs like medicare and social security. tomorrow, the president will meet with business leaders who
8:16 am
supported mitt romney. on friday he will meet with congressional leaders. he's also expected to hold a news conference and to set the tone about what he wants to see what happen during this lame- duck session. in washington, jacqueline fell, ktvu channel 2 news. congress get back to work today after taking a seven-week- break. 8:16. the oxford university press has announced its word of the year. it's omni shambles, a situation that's been mismanaged, characterizetise by -- characterized by a string of blunder. this was used on a british tv and now it's being used in parliament. omni shambles, it's reported reflect the the mood in britain.
8:17 am
starbucks claim it is not making a profit in the u.k. and paying no taxes. starbucks, google and ma'am done deny wrongdoing. one u.k. official said he's not accusing them of doing anything illegal instead of official called in immoral. the united states will become the world's largest leading professor in -- producer in the world. the u.s. passed -- passed russia for second place and now only trails saudi arabia. the agency says by 2030, the u.s. will export more oil from areas it purchases. a 25-year-old newcomer was elected to the b.a.r.t. board of directors replacing a veteran. he reportedly had strong
8:18 am
support from sun contractors. >> he recent lint graduated with a masters in city planning. he's been a supporter for extending b.a.r.t. into western contra costa county. he defeated b.a.r.t. board's president, who came under criticism for a lack of racial diversity when it comes to subcontractor practices. well, san francisco supervisors hope a new report about bedbugs will help after they have to treat the number -- report the number. they don't have to give the exact address but they do have that report the census track they were called to. tennans are predicting the reports will show that bedbugs are a big problem in the city. an nfl player who has been outspoken in his support for
8:19 am
same-sex marriage says several oakland raiders players feel the same way. some of the raiders talked to him before sunday's game. they said they were happy that maryland just legalized gay marriage and congratulated him for working on marriage equality. he said he will join the fight here in california. it's a name that some sports fans might not remember but tomorrow night, the san jose sports hall of fame will try to bring it back. bartowsky will be inducted into the hall of fame. he was the nfl's number one draft pick in 1975 by atlanta. other locals being inducted include brandy chastaine and willie rib, racing car. we are gating breaking news in right now about the ongoing
8:20 am
strike and -- between grocery parker-- about the strike between rayly's and the workers and also the hostess strike as well. good morning. it's a little bit slow. we'll tell you more about the good morning -- about the morning commute and the bay area weather. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbng ] the cheerios bandit got you again?
8:21 am
[ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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8:23 am
the sacramento bee is reporting that a grocery store strike involving rayry's and nob hill foods employees may be over. the paper reports there may an tentative agreement between the grocery chain and the union. now, an official formal announcement is expected later this morning. the details about a settlement have not been released yet. 8:22. bakery workers at 36 hostess plants are on strike. that includes about 70 people at the co lumbo bread company in oakland. hostess says the company could be forced out of business by
8:24 am
the strike. some people say hostess may be falling victim to those becoming more health conscious. 8:246789 let's go to sal. get you -- 8:24. let's go to sal. get you morning. getting up to highway 17. we have slow traffic there. we haven't had a lot of crashes but a lot of slow traffic in the corridor. it's not unusual but it is slow. talk about slow traffic all over the east bay, 880 from 238 on down is going to be down. i want to check out the san mateo bridge. you notice it is slow heading out to the high rise. a lot of people on it. but no major problems. 8:24. let's go out to steve.
8:25 am
a lot of sunshine there. already mild in the city. parts of the coast, even the oakland airport is 51. other locations are in the -- well, they are in the 30s. a lot of 30s. we're cold away from the coast. sunny today, mostly sunny, higher clouds to the north bay. but otherrer -- overall nice. cloudy skies by the weekend. the rain is on the way. i think it arrives later than sooner. i think by sunday we'll be talking about it. but until then, things look nice. the system is spinning out there, not affecting us except high clouds. 40s and 50s. san francisco, 54. i've seen a 56 at south and market. you can see some of the rain to the north and some of that cloud cover. there's a lot out there. sum nin and warmer today. the day's very short. but the temperatures will be warming up. 60s to near 70. looks better tomorrow. with your weekend always in view. we'll start to cloud things up.
8:26 am
i think it looks more bullish, if you will, sunday/mondaying dave. >> all right. thank you. a muddy mess in one daly city neighbor now. look at the pictures. what we're finding out about major flooding. a leadership change at the portland of -- why the port the oakland. why there was a stepdown. what are you doing there?
8:27 am
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tara moriarty has been out there at this mud mess. she's abeen out there since -- she's been out there about 4:30. she will bring us an update in a few minutes. omar benjamin announced his immediate retirement. this follows a ktvu investigation that uncovered thousands of dollars in questionable expenses. allie rasmus is at the port right now to tell us what's happening right now in the wake
8:30 am
of this scandal. >> reporter: well, it's business as usual here. all morning we've been watching the cranes loading crates on the ship. but on the administrative side, there's changes. omar benjamin turned in a letter of resignation yesterday announcing his retirement. in the letter, benjamin says he's stepping down because questions of the appropriateness present obstacles too late to overtum. this -- overcome. this all stems from questionable spending, starting with a $4500 tab as a houston strip club paid for by public money with james wkan -- at a houston strip club paid for by public money with james kwan. the port of oakland hired an outside law firm to investigate the incident. now that benjamin has stepped
8:31 am
down, debra flint will oversee the operations serving as acting director. the port is an independent department of the city of oakland. it oversees not just the seaport, but oakland airport and jack london square. and port officials have a meeting scheduled for thursdays. at that meeting they are supposed to be discussing their policies regarding oversight and expense reimbursement. we have not yet heard back on other questions. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. a marine who survived afghanistan lost his life in palm springs after being shot by police. janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: good morning. behind me is the home where the marine lived and where his
8:32 am
father currently lives. no one has come out of the house yet. we've not been able to contact them. neighbors say they think that the marine attended independence high school. here is a picture of allen debiana. police m palm springs say early saturday morning, officers heard yelling inside a parking garage and when they entered they recognized him from a public intoxication incident earlier that night. they say when the men started to order derogatory remarks at the officers, they ordered them to shut the car off. neighbors in san jose, just hearing the news, are in shock. one suspect lated what the marine might have been --
8:33 am
someone former veteran speculated what the marine might have been going through. >> you think you are okay and then you are going off the deep end. that's the war we mace when we come home. >> reporter: there is a facebook page that's been set up for him where he's been leaving condolences and posting pictures of him. his father did speak with our cnn affiliate out of palm springs and he tells them this is completely out of character for his son and he's in shock and in grieving now. he describes the son as popular nice and he cannot picture his son having a confrontation with police like this. again, back out here live. we're unsure if the father is home. we haven't been able to contact anybody inside. they do have a flag out here as well as patriotic stickers. neighbors say the dad was very, very proud of his son.
8:34 am
we're hoping to have more information. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, janine. 8:33. we have you this information about the college fee debate here in california. later on today you, the csu board will meet -- today, the csu board will meet. alex savidge is live in hayward to tell us which students are being targeted in this latest meeting. alex? >> reporter: well, good morning. there are new developments. i just talked to a spokesperson and she told me the vote on that proposal had been postponed indefinitely, while the ordinary -- while the board gathers. the goal, encouraging students to graduate faster and free up new space for new students. the board will be still holding their meeting today but they have taken the fee issue off the agenda. the plan was to charge the fees
8:35 am
from $100 close to $400 if they have more than a certain number of units. there would also be a fee for repeating courses as well. they say the point is to free up space so they can admit as many as 16,000 new students at the campus us. but one student -- campuses. but one student said this shows they got the message. >> i feel they are pretty much kind of intimidated because they know they won't get away with this so easy as they planned to do. so i just hope that they don't pass it, because if they do there will be a protest. >> reporter: and students were planning to protest the new fees at today's meeting, the board's meeting that's still taking place down in long beach. it's unclear the protest will still go on. many students believe the plan will unfairly punish the folks who are -- who are having trouble graduating in the first
8:36 am
place. csu officials believe the fees are more of a deterrent and hope many end up paying them. the vote has been put off. it's unclear when it will be scheduled again. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:35. some san francisco business owners want to ban new restaurants from opening on valencia street. the valencia street per chants association is asking the city for a one-year moratorium on new restaurants on restaurants between 16th and 24th street. mission district business owners say restaurants in the area have tripled because of the concentration of restaurants and that it also discourages people from interest shopping in the daytime. this is video of valencia street. 16 new restaurants have opened on a three-block stretch of valencia street since last spring. 8:36. more americans expected to travel for the thanksgiving holiday this year compared to last year but aaa says the trips will be shorter.
8:37 am
aaa just released its annual thanksgiving travel forecast. they predict 43 million americans will travel at least 50 miles from home. that's up almost 1% from 2011. aaa also expects gas prices to keep dropping through the thanksgiving holiday which will help boost travel. all right. well, speaking of travel, let's check in with sal. >> we're getting some breaking news just coming into our newsroom. some sort of alert -- yellow alert. a plane came in with some sort of distress. we're just getting more information about it. 150 passengers on a certain flight were affected. right now we're just making calls about it. one thing we know for sure, we have a crew on the way to the oakland airport. we'll let you know what's coming up with this coming up -- what's happening with this coming up. san francisco, northbound and southbound 101, there are no major problems as you drive northbound and southbound. it's a little crowded there.
8:38 am
bay bridge toll plaza, westbound this traffic is improving a little bit, about a 5-minute delay, no trouble getting into the city. >> if you are driving -- if you are driving on the peninsula, we've -- we've had some slow traffic. as you drive through the area. 8:37. let's go to steve. a little breeze coming up off the higher elevations. more to the north bay. it will be warmer today. at 5:00, it's dark. you get the idea with a little early breeze. it was cold inland. not so bad on the coast. it will be a little warmer, a little warmer. a couple of systems. one of them is really going to take its time getting here sending in cloud cover to the north. 30s now and 40s for many. san francisco, hayward with an easterly breeze at 50 degrees. light rain to the north.
8:39 am
north bay, partly sunny to mostly sunny. this system will continue to move north. cloud/rain forecast, it will be sunny tomorrow. that's just high cloud deck. thirst we start to see clouds coming in. and then into late thursday and friday, there could be light rain. forecast models are doing exactly what -- exactly what i thought. sunny and warmer, a cold morning inland is giving way to sunshine today. easterly breeze, though, really helps the coast, so 60s to near 70 for some. not that strong of a breeze. some of the higher elevations, it will be warmer with such short days. warmer into wednesday. a few clouds thursday. we'll cloud it up on friday. coulden light rain, more likely lighter rain. sunday, monday, it looks like a promising system for moderate to heavy rain. santa rosa's city bus system could raise fares and cut service if the city council
8:40 am
approves the plan today. the proposal could have some buses run frequently -- less frequently during the day -- during the day. tesla is motor trend's car of the year. it's the first time an all- electric car received that honor. they say it was the unanimous choice. it has a starting price of $50,000. but the price can double for the fully-equipped version. a new study shows that more women have driver's licenses than men. analysts say that women are
8:41 am
midwest likely to furnish -- are most likely to furnish smaller vehicles. here is a love story in santa rosa involving a lot of baby. this baby is an animal. how other animals are responding. and why the pioneer john mcafee says he's hiding from police in central america. >> reporter: a huge cleanup underway in a daly city neighborhood, sending tons of mud into the streets. we'll have an update.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
good morning. we're following developing news at the oakland international airport. a plane came in. apparently it had some sort of difficulty. they had to call a yell row a -- yellow alert and scrambled crew the -- scram bemed crews to the airport. the southwest flight landed safely. 150 passengers on board. no one was injured. nothing bad happened according to officials. everyone was safe -- was safe. this yellow alert has been lifted. even though the polite's delayed, things are getting back to normal. back to you.
8:45 am
>> thank you. home depot's stock helping to lift the dow. microsoft stocks dropped lower. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 56. the nasdaq is down 1. s&p is up 5. 8:44. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you now -- john allen, the commander in afghanistan, is being investigated. for flirtatious e-mails between he and jill kelli -- jill kelley. the sacramento bee is reporting that a grocery store strike involving rayly's and nob hill foods employees may be
8:46 am
offer. the paper reports a tentative agreement has been reached between the grocery chain and the union. however, a local union representative says they've not received word of an agreement and they've not called off picket lines. the details of this reported settlement have not been released yet. the bee reports and announcement will be made later this morning. some residents in daly city, particularly this neighborhood, woke up to flooding and a lot of mud. tara moriarty has more. what are you finding out? >> reporter: it's pretty dramatic. over there is where the water main started. over here, we have a field that used to be covered in grass. now it's just a sea of mud. over here, you can see all of the mud coming up on the tires here. down the street you can see folks with their shovels digging folks out of their mud.
8:47 am
we've learned that an 8-inch pipe burst just below the water tank. that's been shut off and the cleanup has begun. if you look at the hillside. a huge chunk of it, all of the mud is missing. basically swept away and spread automatic over the neighborhood. the watter main sprung a leak near the basketball coach, sometime before 4:30 this morning. it sent at least 45 gallons of water gushing into the street. >> no debris or flow of water went into the home but we did evacuate four homes for safety reasons. we've asked them to go to the center where we have red cross. >> the entire lawn was covered. there was a stream going down the street and i went downstairs and saw this huge gush the water flowing through the park. >> reporter: now, re her rojas
8:48 am
been allowed back -- romero has been allowed back in his home. they will have to bring out a soils expert to evaluate the situation at some point. but the cars have mud up past the tires. public works crews will be here for some time mopping up all of the mud. the water has been shut off. no word on when it will go back on. live from daly city, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:48. buried in the sand, hiding from police. not what you would expect from a man who made millions in silicon valley. pam cook is in the newsroom with a wild story of a well- known name in the bay area. good morning, pam. >> good morning. yeah, that's what john mcafee told a reporter for san francisco's wired magazine, that he buried himself in the sand when he saw -- when he saw police buried in his compound.
8:49 am
now, he's the creator of the company named after him. he says he's the prime suspect in the murder of his neighbor. but that police will kill him if he is taken into custody for questioning. now, the neighbor killed had filed a formal complaint about mcafee's six dogs. mcafee says the dogs were poisoned the day before he was killed. but he thinks the authorities in belize are to blame because he's been tanged with them for month -- tangled with them for months. they also accused him of manufacturing methamphetamine and possessing unlicensed weapons. at this point, his whereabouts are not known. i'm i'm -- i'm pam cook, let's go back to tori and dave. >> thank you. a man recovering after being shot in oakland. it happened about 12:30 this morning. police say he was shot in the arm and is expected to survive.
8:50 am
>> witnesses say the shooter, walked up to the victim and just started shooting. the motive is not clear. police have not released a description of the suspect. a petaluma mother has been arrested, accused of steeling from her child's -- stealing from her child's preschool teachers. starlin martin was trying to use a debit card belonging to a teacher. the arrest comes after two teachers reported things were stolen from their purse. one teacher said a wallet was stolen. the other was missing about $60 in cash. more people are under arrest in menlo park this morning. police say at least two are known gang members. the arrests came after reports of gunfire on moder row street. police say they sized two assault rifles, a handgun and marijuana. about a week and a half ago police say four people were
8:51 am
injured in a shooting involving that same gang. this morning we're expected to learn whether murder charges will be refiled against a man accused of killing an east palo alto activist. last week a threwout charges against 60-year-old gregory alarm. he's accused of shooting and killing david lewis in the parking lot a hillsdale shopping center back in 2010 in june. :51. a 16-year-old -- 8:51. a 16-year-old girl, very lucky to be alive after being bit by six rattle snacks. she showed reporters the shot where she was bitten. she's still moving around on crutches. she was walking up a hill looking for a cell phone signal when she accidently stepped on a -- stenned on rattlesnakes.
8:52 am
if you are in the desert, wear boots and two, don't bring your cell phone or go search for reception because you won't find it yeah ways and you might -- anyways and you might step into a pack of rattlesnakes. >> she spent about four days in icu and she was given vials of anti-venom. a piglet named chuck was taken in by the santa rosa animal center.
8:53 am
we're looking out live at your traffic. there's the toll plaza. sal's coming back one more commute for you. ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪
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[ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious.
8:55 am
a memorial service will be held tonight for a san francisco police officer killed in the line of duty 1 years ago. -- 18 years ago. james gel was shot by a carjacking suspect back on
8:56 am
november 15th, 1994. police say he shot back at the man. the s.w.a.t. team later shot and killed the man. dianne feinstein introduced a bill that would make it illegal to sell armored equipment to convicted felons. last a year record of 36 million pounds of crab was caught in california and that's the biggest catch in 100 years. it's ticket tuesday. today's winners will get to sail away with a round- -- with the round-about theater company. five viewers will win tickets to see "anything goes" january 9th at the golden gate theater. the show won three tony awards including best musical revival. for your chance to win, go to put in the secret word,
8:57 am
sweeney. ♪ before we go, we want to check in one more time with sal. it's a little crowded if you are trying to get in the city. you will see some slow traffic here and there. it's improving, though. you can see it especially on the left. some of those lanes are beginning to open up. it might be better if you continue to wait. the morning commute is expected to be slow. by the way, san francisco at embarcadero, that was a -- that was a fender-bender there, it's been cleared. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. sunshine, mostly sunny. a few high clouds toward the north. it will be warmer today, especially by the coast. we're looking good for 60s near 70s. a few clouds on thursday. cloud it up on friday. could be late rain thursday/friday. more likely rain on sunday/monday.
8:58 am
>> get those umbrellas out. >> yes. that's our report. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. >> be sure to watch the news at noon for more on the big flood in one daly city neighborhood. we've been following that story all morning for you here. we were the first to have the news crew on the scene. a live picture, some of the mud that's fallen down a hillside. you can see the cars on it the right kind of half buried there in the mud. we'll stay on top of this and have another update for you at noon. we're always here for you at thank you for joining us. what are you doing there? i am making crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels. wow, i'm impressed! [ ding ] dad, the cable's out! you got that right? [ kiss ] thank you ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits
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in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever your craving. spend $25, and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend $25,

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